4 Open Source Software Apps for Your Phone

We all like phones and we use them to browse the internet, find new interesting applications to download or visit sites such as https://bet-bonuscode.co.uk/mansion-bet-bonus-code/ to find good bonus codes for betting. Apps are especially interesting as we have new ones every single day and they just keep getting better and better. There are applications for almost any use case, from betting to watching TV shows, to even video games, smaller brethren of their desktop siblings. 

Most applications are developed by a company or individual and are closed source. This is problematic for some users, who want to know that the applications that they are installing, are not malicious in any way, nor do they infringe the privacy of the user. 

Open-source applications are available on phones, including both iOS and Android devices. Here they are, in no particular order.


Mozilla has a history of developing great open source applications and it dates back to the days of Netscape, to the very start of the Open Source Initiative in 1998. Firefox is a free and open-source browser, the browser you want to download if you care about your privacy. It can do everything a modern browser does, from blocking trackers to ensuring that you don’t end up on a malicious site. 

Firefox is a great browser, and one of the only large browsers that are not using Chromium as its backbone. It is basically the only alternative if you do not want a Chromium-based browser.

Free OTP

Authentication tools are important nowadays. We like using multiple ways of making our accounts secure. An authenticator is an application that runs a code for an account, which changes every 30 seconds or so. Only a person with access to their authenticator can log onto their accounts. 

There are many authenticators, the most common ones being the ones from Google and Microsoft. This one is a free and open-source alternative, available for iOS and Android devices. Consider this authenticator if you want an option that you can trust.


The famous traffic cone of media players is an open-source player, which has many advanced features for any user. It is a great, cross-platform application, which is available on almost every type of system that you want.

As a mobile application, it can help with playing videos, having advanced options for subtitles, and also playing audio. While not the most sophisticated audio player, at least interface-wise, it is a great solution for videos.


Launchers are a big deal on Android. A launcher makes a device different, it is basically your desktop and the way you navigate it. Lawnchair takes after the android open source project and a launcher named Launcher3. It has a lot of the features that the Pixel launcher has (made by Google) but also allows for customization which you would not get on Pixel. It is a great launcher, praised by many Android users.

These are the open-source applications to get if you want a bit more security and privacy in your everyday phone usage.