10 Reasons Open Source Is Good for Business

More and more businesses nowadays are beginning to use open source and you might wonder why. First of all, it is very cheap. However, that isn’t the only plus side of open source software, so let’s take a look at 10 reasons why open source is good for business. 

1. Security

Open-source software has this unique feature that works great when it comes to security – it is open for everyone. This means that more people can view and test a set of code, so the chances of them finding something wrong with it are greater than with other software. This might sound counterintuitive, but finding problems is actually a good thing – it means that the problems can be solved once discovered, which isn’t so easy to do with products that are closed from public view.

2. Quality

Just like with security, quality is easier obtained if more people work on a project. When you have thousands of developers improving and testing a product, it will definitely perform better than the one developed by just a hundred people.

3. Customizability

When users have a say in enhancing software, you can be sure that the product will be something users will like to use. The reason why so many people like open-source software is that they can tweak it to suit them and their needs better, which works out for the business owner as well. 

4. Freedom

As a business owner, using open-source software can guarantee you freedom. You will be able to make all the choices and won’t have to adjust to the vendor’s concept.

5. Flexibility

Proprietary software often comes with endless upgrades you have to think about and they usually require the newest hardware. With open-source, you won’t be forced to upgrade anything you don’t think is necessary. 

6. Interoperability

Open-source is great for businesses that value cooperation with other businesses or users. If interoperability is something your business needs, open-source is the way to go. 

7. Auditability

With proprietary software, you have to trust the vendor to keep it secure, but how much can you really trust someone with your business? What guarantees you that your software is adhering to all the standards? If you like to be responsible for your own software, open-source gives you that opportunity. 

8. Support

Open-source software has a whole community of people ready to offer support whenever you need it. From forums, wikis, newsgroups to chats and even paid support options (which are still cheaper than what vendors’ offers), you will never be on your own in a difficult situation when it comes to your software. 

9. Cost

Open-source software is usually either free or really cheap, especially compared to proprietary software. With such a great option at such a low price, the question is why wouldn’t you choose open source software? 

10. Try beforehand

There is usually a great option for all those who are not sure whether open-source is the best option for them. You can try it out before committing to it.