4 New Trends in Software Development to Watch Out For

Whether you are a legitimate business or are in it for the mere fun of it, software development is something that one needs to take seriously. Particularly when it comes to developing technology and rising trends. Technology has improved so much that if you’re, for example, a fan of football and constantly read more about it, online betting with the help of the football index referral code can be done on multiple platforms in the easiest way.

When it comes to technology, a trend is not a simple fad! It may be something that sticks around for a long time and proves to be highly important and shapes the future of the industry.

All in all, software developers cannot afford to miss out on future trends as missing out also means digressing.

Let’s see some rising trends in software development that one has to watch out for.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is definitely not a passing phase in the industry. It is a developing technology that just might prove to be as one of the most important for humankind. In the past, AI was considered as something that has potential but not really a 100% legitimate.

Thanks to the development of current technology we are at the point where AI has evolved to such a level that its usage can be spread thought various different spheres.

Software development is not the only area where Artificial Intelligence will be used. People see the potential for it in healthcare, retail and many more.


People tend to forget that blockchain is the technology that helped create Bitcoin. Its decentralized nature is what gives it an advantage and will most certainly have a much greater effect on the future.

As far as software development goes, blockchain is the latest technology where developers are finding various uses for. One of them is known as dApps (distributed apps), which is the newest option for software developers to create decentralized and open-source solutions.

Low-Code Development

Back in the day, developing an app took teams of software developers and dedicated coders to complete. However, the industry now is shifting towards low-code development which makes things a lot easier. Especially when it comes to developing business applications or new software where you don’t have to invest so much money.

Low-code development makes things a lot easier through the usage of graphical user interface which are replacing complex programming languages. Now, one does not need to code every piece of an app separately as through the use of low-code development platforms you can just drag and drop and visualize the application, eventually cutting a lot of time from the entire process.

Progressive Web Apps

Websites have the advantage of being accessible through any kind of a browser or device but cannot be used for platform-specific hardware to reach top performance. Generally speaking, hardware and software capabilities of a native platform can reach maximum potential but will only be able to do that on platforms they were originally developed on. But with the emergence of progressive web apps, that problem can be easily resolved.

This solution finds the middle ground between performance and availability as it offers app-like experience within the browser itself. A progressive app package comes with new web technologies that make it much easier to create web-based tools that are able to run on any type of platform. Companies like Google and Adobe have already started to see the potential in progressive web apps and are paving the way for the development of this technology and the future of web development.