Best Tools to Live Stream Your Event

The future is now. We live lives that revolve heavily around technology, and no one could have predicted how the development of the Internet would influence our lives and how we lead them. People use it to work, socialize, learn, read the news, have fun time with best betting apps and so much more. Social networks silently entered our lives and became integrated into our everyday routines. One of the elements that we became very comfortable and familiar with is live streaming, which is the option to broadcast anything at any given moment, which a group of people can watch online. There are many options, some of them paid and some free, and you need to make sure that if you are paying with digital currencies, you have security in mind. Here are some of the best tools you can use to broadcast your event.

1. XSplit

If you already stream your audio or video, you can use this software to improve the audio and video quality of your streams. You can also use it both to broadcast video, as well as gameplay. You are presented with various options, based on whether you want to pay for your package or want a free option. Even if you are not looking to pay for a program, the free version still allows you to stream high-quality video.

2. YouNow

This is an app for all platforms, including Windows, Android, and iOS. This app is great for younger people, as it broadcasts your live stream to a community of young people, all from your laptop or smartphone. You can create a hashtag for your stream, which allows you to quickly share it on any social network. If you seek an app that will allow you to reach a wider public, this is the right choice for you.

3. Facebook Live

This is an obvious choice and a very well-made one. Facebook’s live stream circumvents the usual hassle of starting live streams and lets you stream your content anywhere. You can also set certain parameters, like limiting your audience and who can see your live stream, as well as receive comments in real-time on your screen. There is also a counter which tells you how many people viewed your live stream.

4. YouTube Live

This is a nice streaming platform offered by Google to its customers. It is very popular, as countless videos are streamed every day; one of the features of YouTube Live is the possibility of streaming your new videos to an audience, instead of uploading them the traditional way. You can also limit your audience, invite other people to participate in the stream, and even have a real-time chat box where the viewers can participate.

5. InterCall

InterCall is a secure tool for streaming content in the business world, as it gives you various options –audio or video conferencing. Your content and connections are secure, so choose this platform if you want a safe and reliable way of content streaming.