Open Source Technology Trends to Watch For in the Future

IT trends in the upcoming years predict the rise of open source technologies. Some of these technologies are used in different areas of life – especially those you would never have imagined. Online gaming, even online casinos where people use the Virgin Bet bonus code in order to bet without being worried about having to pay for software – it’s all coming together and makes it easier for everyone to engage.

Even though you are familiar with open source technologies, chances are that you will need to brush up some of your knowledge additionally as this is going to be an area that will develop the fastest.

Let’s discuss some trends that you should watch out for in the future.

Cloud Adoption

Even though cloud adoption is still catching up, it will continue to drive open source technologies. A great example is that of Capital One, which moved to a public cloud just a few years ago. Based on what their vice president had to say, innovation has shifted towards open source and they are looking to make it part of their future strategy.

So for example, open source is being used to scale the company’s cloud apps. The traditional, old-school model was to buy a license in order to cover peak load on every server. However, the old model is never going to be as economical as the cloud-based one just because of the sheer scale of it.

Big Names Will Continue to Invest In Open Source

An important factor in open source development is big-name vendors investing in it. A very interesting, and an important example for the future landscape of the industry, is IBM acquiring Red Hat. However, they did say that they are going to continue to run it as an independent business as it has a different culture from the base company one.

Microsoft also pulled some moves of its owned and managed to acquire GitHub for $7.5 million recently. If other big names catch up to these trends we might be seeing a plethora of them doing the same and investing and buying other open sources.

Security Improvement

The advantages of open source security have greatly expanded in recent times and have proved to be much better overall. It has already been considered as a better type opposed to closed systems, mainly because of its transparency with every component. Everyone in the industry has started to catch up on this trend and more and more are most likely going to join in.

With more container and cloud-native deployments, security is going to be an integral part of the future. Thus, expect to see a bigger emphasis on open source security.

Open Source to Fuel Innovation

In order to stand among the competition, contemporary businesses need to deliver personalized customer experience. But they need to deliver a unified experience across all spheres.

As a way to put back control to end-users many businesses will seek the opportunity of turning to open sources in order to breed innovation. It removes licensing fees and the learning curve around a closed proprietary language.