Some of the Best Freeware Games Currently Available

Everyone loves free stuff! Whether it comes in the form of a Betsafe welcome bonus, a gift, or something that you find unexpectedly, free stuff is always great. But to double the fun, it becomes even better if it’s something that you really love – video games for instance!

The gaming world today has expanded to such lengths that it is a massive industry. The top titles do not come for free and more than not come at a very high price.

So it always comes as a pleasant surprise when we find out about some free games to play.

Let’s check out some freeware games that you can download on your PC.

Lost Ark Online

Lost Ark Online is one of the most popular games that come from South Korea. It is a very immersive MMORPG game with a compelling story and incredible graphics. The action is unbelievable and the gameplay is really something. It is incredible to think that this game could be available for free. You can do all kinds of quests and explore the surroundings as much as you want and meet other players in the process. Lost Ark Online should be on tap for a release in the Western market as interest has risen after the enormous success in South Korea.

Fortnite Battle Royale

The Battle Royale was first conceived as an addition to Fortnite but it blew unexpectedly, forcing Epic Games to release it as a separate game. Thus, we now have Fortnite Battle Royale which works amazingly well and has become one of the best free games in 2019. The gameplay is rather simple – You are dropped on a map with 99 players around you that you are forced to engage in battle with. The action starts immediately and ends after all of the opposing ones are dead.

Planetside 2

It is incredible to think that Planetside 2 came out just two years prior to Destiny. It is even more amazing to think that this game is absolutely free to play. It does come with in-game purchases but the good part is that you are going to do really well even with the starter package and have loads of fun. You can engage in thrilling massive assault battles or attack an enemy convoy with a group of friends. Overall, Planetside 2 is one of those games that has all the qualities of the game that people usually need to pay for.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Originally, Star Wars: The Old Republic was not a game intended as free upon its release. But in time, like many MMORPGs before it, it too has adopted a free-to-play mantle. Mind you, there are still things that you have to pay for but all the important parts, which mainly include all the story missions, are available for free. The gameplay is very interesting and it is nice to see the Star Wars world through the eyes of an Imperial Agent or a Bounty Hunter for a change.